Why Social Selling?

What is Social Selling?


Why is social selling a hot topic in business today?

Reaching out to customers, building your sales pipeline, starting new conversations and booking sales meetings has never been more difficult. In fact, lack of pipeline is cited as the number one challenge of salespeople and sales leaders today.


Social selling can help with this challenge. LinkedIn research says that those sellers who use social selling see significant advantages over those who do not. (above)

96% of APAC copy.png


96% of APAC businesses surveyed say social selling is a 2017/18 priority as reported by Forrester.



Who gets the best results from SOCIAL selling? 


Over the last few years, several qualitative studies have showcased the value of social selling.

This year’s research from SalesforLife states that social sellers gain 57% higher return on investment from social selling compared to a 23% return using traditional tactics.

Where do you start social selling?

Learn Social Selling, from Australia’s #1 LinkedIn Social Seller.:

Here’s a quick test to check if Social Selling on LinkedIn will work for you:

  • Do you need to sell your products or services to B2B buyers?
  • Are you’re customers online?
  • Are you are challenged with securing enough meetings or telephone conversations?
  • Do you need to drive more sales and increase your pipeline but also know that COLD Calling is not the answer?
  • Are your emails to prospects are going unanswered and unopened?
  • Are you calling and leaving messages, which are not being returned?
  • Are you unable to get past the gatekeeper?

If you answered YES to any of this, then Social 4 Sales will help you solve these prospecting challenges.  See all details here.


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